Welcome to the “Girls of Wisdom” Blog!

“Wisdom” sounds like such an old-fashioned “old people’s” word, but when you begin to see what it means,  you will realise that wisdom is something that everyone should want no matter how old you are!
WISDOM…. having intelligence, knowledge and common-sense… making smart choices and decisions that result in happiness and success… knowing the right thing to say and do- and at the right time… being able to give sound advice and help those around you… and that’s just the beginning of what this great word means!
So we’re going to have a go at providing “pearls of wisdom” for you each day. These pearls are from a great book in the Bible called Proverbs, which is filled with amazing sayings about wisdom.
There are 31 chapters in Proverbs. Each day, we are going to pick something from the chapter that matches that day’s date (e.g. on the 12th of the month, we’ll be looking at Proverbs chapter 12) and tell you what we get out of it and how it can make you a wiser girl!
We hope this blog helps you to make your life beautiful, happy and successful.

Love Claire & Celina xox


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