Tune your ears to wisdom.

Monday 2nd August, 2010

Today’s “Pearl of wisdom” is from Proverbs Chapter 2 verse 2.

“Tune your ears to the world of wisdom, set your heart on a life of understanding.” (The Message)

This world is full of people’s thoughts and opinions, cultural do’s and don’ts as well as what seems like unlimited information on the World Wide Web. Our minds can absorb it all, but just like tuning in to a radio station, we can also “tune” our hearts and minds into things and today’s proverbs is about this very matter! What do you tune into on a daily basis? What kind of things are you listening to and absorbing in your heart and mind?

And how exactly do you “tune” into wisdom? There is no set pattern or formula for this but there are things that you can do to tune in to those things that are good and wise and tune out from those things that are not. For starters, reading the Bible regularly. This book is so full of wisdom! You can also do things like be aware of who you are listening to and what you are watching. Do they promote value and goodness? These things and more are just the beginning of walking a life of wisdom and understanding. So girls, be encouraged….. learn to tune your ears to things that are uplifting and that will help you grow in wisdom.


What are your thoughts & opinions about this topic?

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