Smooth Talkers are Fast Walkers

Tuesday 7th September 2010

The feminine heart responds to words of affection. Loving words have the same effect on a girl’s heart as sunshine does to a flower bud- they cause her to blossom and open up… even more so when those words come from a member of the opposite sex.

Unfortunately, not all guys are genuine when they speak to girls or women. Their words are flirtatious and filled with flattery… they catch your eye, smile, brush their hand against yours, entice you with their charm… yet, when it comes to committment and building a long-term relationship, they’re gone in a flash.

Yes, you know who I’m talking about- Mr Smooth Talker.

Proverbs 7 gives a sobering story of what happens when you get sucked in by smooth talk. Although this story is about a smooth talking woman who hits on an unsuspecting man, if you reverse the genders, you can still learn alot- check out my paraphrased gender-reversed version:

The guy approached her…sly of heart… with his flattery he enticed her… she was like a bird flying into a trap…his bedroom was the den of death.

A Girl of Wisdom doesn’t get fooled by flattery… she doesn’t allow those words into her heart. She is looking for a guy who is genuine- a man of integrity, who will stay by her side forever. She trusts that God will bring the right person for her into her life and at the right time. She doesn’t settle for second best.

A smooth talker is only after fun and a passing fling. Remember, when it comes down to committment and building a long-term relationship, a smooth talker is a fast walker- gone in a flash!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anna
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 18:09:43

    I’m so inspired by the words of wisdom you girls leave. Thank you for setting up this blog.


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