God’s Wisdom defeats Your Confusion.

Thursday 9th September 2010

I absolutely love to travel! I love foreign countries, cultures, foods, traditions and languages. The diversity of this planet continually amazes me. However, there is one thing that I do not like about travelling- getting lost!!!

I’ll never forget when my husband (Andrew) and I were in Sweden. We were driving along a motorway and came across all these signs and flashing lights. We were initially confused, then suddenly realised that they were warnings- letting us know that if we didn’t get off at the next exit, we would end up on a bridge that would take us to… Denmark! A whole other country!! Fortunately, Andrew (a great driver!) managed to change lanes in time and we didn’t go over the bridge.

I think our lives can be like that. We’re walking along and suddenly, out of nowhere, comes confusion. Decisions and choices to make, many options to consider- each with their own sets of consequences. Confusion is such an overwhelming emotion that can create worry, fear and doubt.

Proverbs 9:46 encourages us to turn to God’s wisdom in times of confusion: Come with me… leave your confusion and live! Walk up the street to a life with meaning.

I really believe, with all my heart, that in the midst of confusion, if we ask God to lead us in the right direction, He will. A Girl of Wisdom goes to the source of wisdom- God.

Are you facing decisions right now? God has the wisdom you need… it may come through reading the bible, an idea or thought that unexpectedly enters your mind, advice from another person…  

Beautiful girl, God’s wisdom will defeat your confusion!


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