Caution! Construction site ahead!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010.

My first trip to Africa was as a volunteer in Uganda helping to build a home for widows and orphans. I had never been on a construction site before and now I was helping to lay a foundation and ever so carefully aligning brick walls. It was hard work I can tell you!! Building this home took a lot of time, effort, energy and concentration to ensure that the end result would be a long-standing home.

Proverbs 14:1 says, “A wise woman builds her house, a foolish one tears hers down with her own hands.”

A wise woman builds her house. This house represents the world in which a woman lives including her physical place of residence, her relationship with God, her husband, family, friends, work…. the list goes on! So what is your house? And how do you build your home? Building is a process that takes time. It is strategic in that a builder understands the sequence and specific information required to build a home. For instance, you don’t start by building the roof!

A woman builds her home by firstly having a relationship with God. This forms the foundation of her house. From here, she builds her home by growing her character and her relationships. The woman who builds seeks to align her heart with God’s Word and out of this, words and actions flow that build the relationships around her.

In contrast is the behaviour of the woman who tears things down. Demolishing a building takes seconds in comparison to the months and years it can take to build a home, leaving behind a mere pile of rubble. This kind of woman pulls down her home by tearing down the relationships around her.

In many ways our lives can be compared with a construction site. This week, ask yourself the question, what does your home and construction site look like? Is there a lot of strategic building or is there more dynamite and demolition? Let’s be women who build our homes.


What are your thoughts & opinions about this topic?

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