Say a Little Prayer….Four Thoughts on Talking to God.

So what is prayer? Who is it to? And how do you pray? Here are a few thoughts on prayer –

1. Prayer is talking and listening to God. It is open communication and open dialogue with Him. You can share about your day, a struggle, something exciting or shed some tears. The conversation can be long, short or somewhere in between.

2. You can pray anywhere. The bible tells us that it is good to have times when we talk to God in a “secret place,” that is, somewhere private where it is just you and Him. It is also good to pray with others and for others. I often pray when in public too, though a passer-by wouldn’t know it by looking at me!

3. God hears you. God is omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere and is able to hear the prayers of millions of people at any one time, however, He still hears every one of your words and cares about your world.

4. God answers prayers. He may say yes, He may say no or He may say wait, but God always answers prayers. I’ve found in my life, God sometimes answers my prayers in ways and times that I do not expect, however, He always knows what is best for me.

I encourage you this week to talk to God. Share your day with Him, open up your heart and say a little prayer.


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