R.E.S.P.E.C.T- how to gain it!

 Tuesday 26th April 2011

Each of us have an internal list of people who we respect. Whether it be family members, close friends, work colleagues or a celebrity we have never met, they have done something or have something that we admire and hold in high regard.  When we see those people or hear their names mentioned, we perk up, become attentive and respond positively. That is the power of respect.

Now ask yourself this- are you a person who others respect? That’s quite a confronting question, isn’t it?

Proverbs 11:16a (NIV) says that, “A kindhearted woman gains respect.” Here are some suggestions on how we can apply this to our own lives:

1. A kindhearted woman includes others. She is warm and embracing and is willing to give everyone a fair go. She is respected because she doesn’t look down on people, but rather, she recognises that there is something she can learn from everyone.

2. A kindhearted woman puts others first. She is generous and compassionate and is genuinely interested in what others feel, think and say. She is respected because she doesn’t brag about herself or put others down, but rather, focuses on how she can encourage and help someone else.

3. A kindhearted woman does the best with what she’s got. She is hardworking and confident and is happy with who she is. She is respected because she doesn’t try to be somebody that she’s not or compete with others, but rather, focuses on developing her own strengths to the best of her ability.

A Girl of Wisdom doesn’t expect or demand respect. She knows that it is gained through how she lives her life, the decisions she makes and how she treats others. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s inspiring and worthy of respect!


What are your thoughts & opinions about this topic?

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