The secret of security.

Monday16 May 2011

What does it mean to be secure? To be safe, to have protection, to have enough money to pay the bills, to belong to a circle of friends, to have a boyfriend or husband… security means different things to different people and we all do things everyday in an attempt to hold on to that security.

However, it can get exhausting when we attempt, in our own natural strength, to create the security we yearn for, which only God can supernaturally give us. The wonderful thing is that God actually gives us many pearls of wisdom about security.

Proverbs 10:9 (NKJV) says, “She who walks with integrity walks securely, but she who perverts her ways will become known.”**

This verse indicates that there is a direct link between your security and your integrity. When we act dishonestly and selfishly in an attempt to keep our security, the very opposite happens- we are eventually caught out, destroying the security we were trying to create.

But when we act honestly and selflessly and choose to trust God with the outcome, a wonderful thing happens- He uses our integrity to bring about His best for us. Let’s be Girls of Wisdom who trust God with our lives, rather than trying to manipulate people and situations in an attempt to find security.

Integrity… who would have thought that it was the secret of security?

** The pronouns of this verse have been changed by the author to suit the female context. The original verse uses masculine pronouns.


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