Ideas are free…so what’s yours?

Sunday 23 October 2011

I recently heard someone say that they come up with
a new idea each week, one which will help lives and change situations. It challenged me to do the same. So I began to think.

Through my work as a Child Advocate with Compassion, a not for profit working in nations of extreme poverty, and also my volunteer work for Collective Shout campaigning against the sexualisation of girls, I see the need for people to speak out about the great injustices in our world. I also know that a good idea can make a huge impact and that ideas are free.

I often think about an ideal world, and want to see lives being helped. I simply care and often am alarmed by the issues, depravity and sadness that negatively impacts children.

One idea came to me after I picked up a new mobile phone. I received a booklet giving me instructions on how to use the phone, but what it didn’t give me was any responsibilities I should adhere to as a user. I was thinking along the lines of information regarding sexting, online harassment, tagging inappropriate things on facebook or even the downloading of pornography. My idea was simply to make information available for parents and young people, as a way of protecting against harm, educating families of possible issues and having a mechanism to have an open conversation.

So I contacted a national telecommunication company and put my idea to them. And they agreed to roll out the idea in a couple of phases. I didn’t do this to get kudos for my idea, nor to make money. I did it because it was an extension of my advocacy and care for a healthy society.

What about your idea? Will you think of something that will give an uneducated child an opportunity? Will you do something to fight for those less fortunate? Will there be an idea that will impact widows or an innovative idea that will bring justice for the voiceless? Remember, ideas are free. What’s yours?

Deb Malcolm is a passionate advocate of women’s and children’s rights. For more information, visit and


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