Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Monday 26th March 2012

Life is filled with decisions, both big and small. The choices we make determine our plans, which ultimately shape our direction in life.

Society often tells us to be independent, to do what we think is best, to think for ourselves and to not care what anyone else thinks. While this may be true in some situations, we also need to remember that getting good advice from others is vital to making important decisions and plans.

Proverbs 15:22 (NIV) says, “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many counselors bring success.”

Without realising it, we can sometimes be so locked into one way of thinking, that we miss out on seeing different options, perspectives and new ways of doing something.

A Girl of Wisdom keeps an open mind and seeks out advice and knowledge through researching information from experts, talking through ideas with trusted family members and friends and ultimately, through weighing up her plans in light of God’s views and values found in the bible.

What decisions are you needing to make at the moment? What plans are you currently forming? Build a support network of advisers, be open to new ideas, be willing to consider different suggestions and ensure your final choice does not disobey God’s principles of righteous living.


What are your thoughts & opinions about this topic?

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