The hallmarks of a true friend.

Tuesday 24th July 2012

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the many types of friends in life, from acquantainces to best friends. Reflecting back over the last decade or two, I’ve seen my friendship circles change. In part this is due to changes in seasons like finishing school and starting university or even moving interstate. Yet some friends, regardless of the happenings of life, have stayed true.

There are many verses in Proverbs about friendship and here are two of my favourites: Proverbs 17:9 (NLT), “Love prospers when a fault is forgiven,     but dwelling on it separates close friends,” and Proverbs 17:7 (NLT), “A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.”

What is it about friendships that helps them grow and continue for many years? Here are a few thoughts on the hallmarks of a true friend.

1. Loyalty. A true friend sticks by you no matter what is going on in the world around you.

2. Speaks the truth. This kind of friend doesn’t gossip about you behind your back. They care about you and if they have a concern, they come honestly and directly talk to you about it themselves.

3. Makes time. In this busy world, a true friend finds time to be with you and continues building the friendship through their words and actions.

4. Forgives. Both people in a friendship are bound to make a mistake and hurt the other. Asking for forgiveness and being forgiven are vital to building healthy friendships.

5. Laughs and cries. Life is full of ups and downs and a good friend can laugh with you during the good times and can sit and cry with you when things are not going well.

There are many more traits of a good friend and this week I encourage you to reflect on two things. Firstly, reflect on the friends in your life. Do they exhibit the hallmarks of a true friend? Secondly, how about you? What are you like as a friend?

A Girl of Wisdom is first and foremost a true friend. She is also able to recognise the true friends in her life and continually works at building life long friendships.


What are your thoughts & opinions about this topic?

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