The sweetness of friendship- insights by guest blogger Sarah Derham.

Monday 22nd October 2012

After returning from an interstate trip to see one of my best friends, I was hit once again with the impact of how much her friendship means to me. I left her feeling refreshed, challenged, energized. Our time together was so good for my soul.

With five daughters between us and the craziness that this brings, the two of us were still able to grab a moment to sit together. On a warm Queensland afternoon, with a cool drink in hand, we had time to have a conversation.

Think of one of those deep, after-dinner chats with close friends where time stands still. Think of an impromptu conversation you’ve had with a friend where they leave you feeling somehow illuminated.  That’s the kind of conversation we had.

What I love about this friend is that she gets me, we laugh at similar things (even if no one else does), she loves my kids and regardless of the time apart we can pick up where we left off. She challenges me on areas needing attention and asks the hard questions. Whatever is said I know her motive is to help me become a better person as she speaks from a place of fondness and love.

Despite the distance, the passage of time and significant changes like marriages, kids and work, our friendship has continued to grow.  Why is that?  It’s because we both value the friendship.  We are motivated by love and as we have grown and matured we have continued to invest in it because we esteem it with precious value.

Proverbs 27:9 says,
“Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight,
 a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

As the feeling of a cool, fragrant cream being rubbed into the skin or freshening up with the smell of your favourite perfume is good for the body, so sweet friendships in life are good for the soul.

A Girl of Wisdom understands the importance of friendship. She knows how to be a good friend and places value on the special people in her world. She understands that the secret to a good friendship is not just that it is valuable, but it must be motivated at all times by love, and nothing else.

How could you show a friend that you value their friendship today?

Sarah Derham is a wife, mum of three gorgeous girls and a nurse. Living in Melbourne, Australia, she has a passion to see women discover and walk in their God given identity.


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