Dealing with the Green-Eyed Monster

green-eyed-monster-1Thursday 18 January 2013

There is a well-known metaphor, originally by William Shakeapeare, that describes jealousy as a “Green-Eyed Monster.” I think it’s a good description because the emotion of jealousy can certainly bring out the ugly in us! Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about this powerful emotion… jealousy…. and the impact it has- especially on females!

And then, I stumbled upon this verse in today’s chapter (chpt 14) of Proverbs. Verse 30 says, A relaxed attitude lengthens life; jealousy rots it away. It suggests that when you allow jealousy to control you, it’s impossible to be relaxed and to enjoy life. Instead, jealousy breeds anger, hurt, frustration and bitterness that rots and destroys your soul.

So… why do girls and young women get jealous? Feelings of jealousy often rise up within us when we aren’t truly happy with who we are and find ourselves comparing ourselves to others. As a result, we start wanting to be like others because we don’t like who we are. This is dangerous because it can cause competition between friends and ultimately, the destruction of friendships. We can also get jealous when we see someone else getting something that we really want or feel that we deserved more. Therefore, we can’t be happy for our friend or celebrate with her… which also leads to an unhealthy friendship. Jealousy is just rotten!

However, I know that God made no mistakes when He made you. He lovingly created you and has also created a plan for YOUR life. Having faith in this fact is the first step to conquering jealousy. A Girl of Wisdom will still experience feelings of envy and comparison, but she is quick to take control of those thoughts before they turn into consuming jealousy. This type of girl reminds herself that she is unique- there is nobody like her… so why would she want to be someone else?

I pray you remember these thoughts the next time you are faced with the Green-Eyed Monster xox


What are your thoughts & opinions about this topic?

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