A Girl of Wisdom plans acts of kindness (continued!)

daisiesSo, what do “acts of kindness” look like? Is it all about money and buying things for people? NO! That’s just one way. Actively planning ways in which you can express kindness to somebody else doesn’t have to be only based on spending money. It can be based on giving someone your time, hard work and talents. Check out these ideas…

  • Maybe you have noticed that your parents are very tired this week. Without being asked, plan to set the table before dinner is ready. Or perhaps you could find out which day the rubbish collection takes place and the night before, take the rubbish bins out. A few minutes of your time could make all the difference to your parents’ week!
  • You could be really good at a subject in school or university, yet you know one of your friends is having a tough time understanding the assignment. Plan to set aside a few hours of your time one afternoon or on the weekend and offer to help her. Bring some chocolate (good for the brain!) and turn it into some fun too! Since when does learning and studying have to be boring?
  • Maybe you have other talents that could be used to plan an act of kindness… You could be great at baking cookies and cakes, fantastic at doing hair and make-up, amazing at writing letters or using computers…
  • How about the elderly couple that live down the road? Imagine the difference you would make in their lives if you offered to visit them once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. You could give some of your time to help them clean up their kitchen, hang out some laundry or simply, chat with them and give them some refreshing company.
  • Get together with some other Girls of Wisdom and plan a surprise party for one of your friends who is feeling sad. It doesn’t have to be her birthday- just throw the party because you love her and want to cheer her up!

With a little thoughtful planning, creativity and imagination, your kindness could be the very act that brightens up someone’s day, making them feel valued and giving them hope. A Girl of Wisdom really is a great girl to have around!


What are your thoughts & opinions about this topic?

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