About “Girls of Wisdom.”

Welcome to the Girls of Wisdom’s Blog!

Live each new day filled with WISDOM…. having intelligence, knowledge and common-sense… making smart choices and decisions that result in peace and joy… knowing the right thing to say and do- and at the right time… being able to give sound advice and help those around you… and that’s just the beginning of what this great word means!

This blog is made up of two different categories of posts-

1. Girls of Wisdom Devotions: we love the Bible’s book of Proverbs! It’s filled with great pearls of wisdom that relate to girls and women in today’s modern world.

2. Girls of Wisdom Features: every now and again, we are going to write about some of the things we have learned along the journey of life thus far and invite guest writers to contribute to this category. We will also share from our travels throughout the world- as we embark upon humanitarian trips, we will share with you the stories of amazing girls and women who we meet along the way!

We hope this blog helps you to make your life beautiful, happy and successful.

Love Claire & Celina xox

How this blog was created…

Girls of Wisdom (previously known as Wise Chicks) was initially a community program, which commenced in 2001 and concluded in November 2005. The purpose of this group was to equip young girls with life skills that can be overlooked at times in the academic curriculum.

This program focused on topics including self-esteem, confidence, assertive communication, managing emotions, positive thinking, peer pressure and resolving conflict. Based on a Christian Biblical perspective, the curriculum developed by Celina and Claire is now the foundation of this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to provide girls and women with relevant ideas, from a biblical perspective, on how to live a fulfilling life.

About Celina & Claire…

Celina is a qualified Secondary School English teacher with 10 years teaching experience. Besides developing and facilitating the Wise Chicks program, she has also facilitated many high school based programs with teenagers. Celina has also completed a Masters of Education at Monash University, specialising in International Education.

Celina has been on humanitarian trips, working in schools and orphanages and conducting Teacher Training Conferences in Rwanda, Uganda and Cambodia. She has a passion for the improvement of education in developing nations and producing life skills resources for teenage girls and young women. Celina was the NSW Premier’s Student Volunteering Awards Coordinator (Northern & Western Sydney Regions) for the NSW Department of Education and Training, Australia.

Celina is the director of Celina Mina Writing Consultant http://www.celinamina.com and is also an educator at Copenhagen International School. She is based in Denmark with her husband and daughter. They are a part of Hillsong Church Copenhagen.

Claire has a graduate diploma of education (secondary) from Monash University, a graduate certificate of counselling from Kingsley College and a Master of Arts from Southern Cross College. She has been teaching teenagers in various capacities for 8 years and has facilitated many small groups throughout this time. Claire is an avid educator who has some experience in counselling teenagers.

Claire has also recently volunteered in charity work in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda and Cambodia) and is passionate about girls’ education in the Third World. Claire has been a secondary science and mathematics teacher and the operations manager for Hope Global Recovery, a Sydney-based charity. She has recently completed a Masters in International Relations and is currently studying a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Notre Dame.

Claire is married to Nathan and they currently live in Melbourne, Australia with their little girl. They are a part of Hillsong Church Melbourne.

She smiles at the future…                             

She speaks up for those who cannot speak up for themselves…

She extends her hand to the poor and the helpless…

Proverbs 31   




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